Harare Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe

Harare Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe

Borehole drilling company in Harare, Zimbabwe offers the most affordable borehole well drilling services to give you the cleanest underground fresh water from depths exceeding 40 meters. A borehole costs only USD$1500, depending on ground conditions. Our borehole services list:

  • Borehole siting
  • Borehole drilling
  • Borehole casing
  • Borehole fishing
  • Borehole flushing
  • Borehole rehabilitation
  • Borehole deepening
  • Water pump installation
  • Water tank installation

Borehole News

Borehole Services

Borehole Siting

Borehole siting is a process of finding a location to drill a well. A good borehole site has a high water table, usually where two or more underground streams meet, further away from polutants such as sewage disposal sites. We use traditional and modern geophysical equipment for groundwater exploration to determine an ideal borehole site.

Borehole Drilling

Water borehole drilling is a process of boring a narrow shaft into the ground to access ground water. Borehole depths vary from 40m up to 450m depending on where the water is to be extracted. A deeper borehole is recommended when there is a low water table and the ground surface is polluted, in which case soil is used to filter out pollutants.

Borehole Casing

Borehole casing is a process of reinforcing the borehole shaft by installing a vertical pipe casing and well screen to keep the borehole from caving. This also helps prevent surface contaminants from entering the borehole from the upper surface and protects any installed pump from drawing in sand and sediment from the borehole shaft.

Borehole Fishing

Borehole fishing is a process of retrieving objects from the inside of the borehole shaft. We use junk baskets, milling tools, cutting tools, external catch tools and internal catch tools to retrieve objects from your well.

Borehole Flushing

Borehole flushing is a process of jetting water into the borehole shaft using a high pressure water hose to removing sediment. Flushing is done when the water contains silt which can also damage the submersible pump.

Borehole Rehabilitation

Borehole rehabilitation is the process of cleaning and repairing a borehole. Boreholes rarely need too much attention as they lie underground, however Ground water pollution and earthquakes can affect a borehole.

Borehole Deepening

Borehole deepening is the process of increasing borehole depth. A drop in the water table level can result in reduced water output and even drying up of a borehole well. Drilling deeper into the ground can revitalise a borehole by getting into the water table.

Water Pump Installation

A water pump is needed to extract water from a borehole. A bushpump is a popular choices for a community borehole and the rural areas where electricity is a problem. Submersible pumps with pressure tanks to are more convinient in the urban areas and private setups.

Water Tank Installation

A water tank is needed to store water above the ground. Elevated tanks on stands pump water, using gravity, to where its needed. Storing water on the ground surface elongates the lifespan of a submersible water pump as it is only used to pump water into the storage tank.

Borehole Drilling Companies in Zimbabwe
Why choose us?

Harare borehole drilling stands out from the rest to give more value to the customer. Our standard borehole price is in most cases all you need to spend to get a borehole for your company or home use. For customers in Harare, you do not need to pay more for us bring our drilling equipment to your borehole site or location. Customers outside Harare only need to pay for the diesel we use to travel to your borehole site, that is charged according to how our trucks burn fuel in kilometeres per litre of diesel. Our standard borehole price covers the following:

Harare travel costs

Borehole drilling to 40 meters

Standard borehole casing

Borehole flushing

Borehole Drilling Prices

We are the most affordable borehole drilling company
giving you clean water at only USD$1500.

$1500 only

for a 40 meter borehole

  • Harare travel costs
  • Borehole drilling to 40 meters
  • Standard borehole casing
  • Borehole flushing
  • 12 months warranty
Custom Borehole

Wanting more? contact us we can give you a tailor made package to suite your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much is a borehole?

Only $1500 in Harare, Zimbabwe. We drill up to a depth of 40 meters as standard and provide casings at no extra costs.


Can I increase borehole depth?

Yes, we charge $30 per meter from the a depth of 40 meters.


Do you guarantee water after drilling?

No, prospecting for water is not an axact science. We cannot get a clear picture of what is underground before get there. All we can do is pray we hit gold.


What is the best borehole water pump?

It all depends on preference of the borehole owner. Bush pumps are common in large communities while submersible pumps are used on private properties.

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Harare Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe

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